Brympton House Wedding

July 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Being a wedding photographer from Swindon, it was lovely to be asked by Penny and Alex to travel down to Yeovil to photograph their wedding. I was also very fortunate to be accompanied by a very good photographer and friend of mine, Mel Taylor.

The wedding was held at the very impressive location that is Brympton House, which is a fabulous 13th century building. Apparently it’s where cricket was played for the very first time and dare we say that recent results in the current Ashes series might suggest the subsequent years of practice could just have come in handy? Too soon to tell?

What anyone can certainly tell is that Brympton House itself can only be described as stunning and there is a beautiful small chapel situated on the side of the main house where the guests were seated to watch the ceremony. Mel and I both felt it a real privilege to be there.

It’s important for a photographer to prepare for every eventuality and as the day before the wedding brought torrential rain it was essential that I had my contingency plans in place for wet weather. On the day however, the sun shone brightly which of course is always lovely for everyone. That said, bright sunlight actually presents other challenges for a photographer in terms of the management of the bright sunlight itself, the associated bright reflections and then the contrasting shadows.

From a professional perspective it’s very important to be as unobtrusive as possible yet there was lots to try and sensitively capture in terms of the atmosphere of the day; a stunningly beautiful bride, a nervous groom, some lovely speeches, some emotional moments, a few gentle tears, proud parents, happy friends and family, the exchanging of rings and then the wonderful moment when Alex and Penny are pronounced husband and wife as just some examples.

I hope you can see from the video slide show how much the Bride and Groom, together with their wonderful families and friends, enjoyed and celebrated a very special day.

I propose a toast. “To Alex and Penny..the Bride and Groom!” and I’m sure everyone joins me in wishing them a long and happy life together.




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