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Hi everyone, sorry I’ve not been blogging lately but I’m very pleased to say I’ve been extremely busy with photo-shoots, including Weddings, Location shoots and studio portrait sessions.  It’s been a very hectic time but I’m so very lucky to be doing such a rewarding job I have a genuine love for and I’m definitely not complaining!  Right across the varied spectrum of work the process is always really creative and so enjoyable.


I confess of course that when the situation allows I like to have fun when I shoot which is not only great for me, but also helps put my clients at ease and helps me bring extra character to the image.


On the serious side, here is one of the finished projects from the last couple of weeks, a “Sportrait” session shot in my studio.  My client is Dan, a very good triathlete living locally. This session was specifically structured around the biking stage of the Triathlons race and I hope you like the results? If you want to know more about these races or more information on taking part in an event, take a look at the British Triathlon web page.


For the technically minded, the shoot was a mixture of techniques from gridded softboxes, to silver umbrellas used to give different types of light and effects.


Personally, I have a driving passion for sports portraiture and I’m delighted that the feedback I’ve had from my work in this area has been exceptional. So, if you are a sports person who wants an inspirational, creative piece of art that says, “I’m the best I can be” and really captures the whole essence behind the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to get there, I would love to hear from you.  We can work together on your commissioned Sportrait and with our combined skills and talents I’m absolutely certain it will be something we can both be equally proud of.


I hope you enjoy this short video I have put together from Dan’s shoot



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