Why Have Sports Portrait Commissioned

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Why have a sports portrait done?


A “Sportrait” is about capturing a moment in time, a moment where often years of hard work have been put in to achieve a personal goal. It could be a certain look; physique, cup final, competition, show… or perhaps it’s just because it’s how you want to be.


Time doesn’t stand still for anyone unfortunately and if you miss that “prime time” the likelihood is that you will never get it back. When you’re in the best shape of your life or you have just achieved something really special it’s rarely by accident and usually involves a lot of hard work and sacrifice, so why not capture it forever and reward yourself with a stunning Sportrait?


Presenting the right image, captured in the right way, with the right lighting and the right setting is essential. It tells the story, not just of the way you look but often the context behind it and trust me when I tell you it’s a very different thing to a picture on a mobile phone or a point and press image digital image you captured in the lounge or garden.


You deserve something that’s inspirational and motivating that can help you focus on your achievement every time you pass it hanging on your wall at home or even in your clubroom.


Take a look at this image.


Yes, its me, yours truly, (no jokes now please). This was taken when I was 17 years old and on my way to becoming the army amateur welterweight boxing champion.  I was never going to go on to box professionally, not least because I would never have been good enough, but even to achieve the little successes I did take an awful lot of time, effort and commitment – not to mention the odd bit of blood, sweat and tears!

This is the only photograph I have from that time in my life and it was taken on one of those pocket slim line cameras that had a cartridge film of 24 pictures. Do I wish I had something done at that stage and other stages in my life?  Of course I do, I risked a quick look in the mirror this morning and the reality is that the chap looking back at me is now… a very different shape. I’m still in shape of course (round is a shape after all) but I’d love some really good photo’s to be able to show my children and my loved ones about some of the things I’ve managed to achieve.


I know in modern times people have iPhone’s and the like and we live in a digital age, but does that really compare with a professional sporting portraiture, or Sportrait?  Decide for yourself and compare the photo of me to this image I captured of another boxer, and then to the images you have on your phone. Which would you have hanging on your wall if it were you?


A Sportrait for you or of your loved one would make a great Christmas present and they probably cost less than you might think. If it’s something you would like, give me a call, let’s have a chat and see what we can come up with. That won’t cost anything but our time.


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