The week ahead ?

January 08, 2017  •  2 Comments

The week Ahead

This is a huge week for me both personally and professionally, as my work will be formally assessed in my attempt to qualify for a fellowship with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP). If I’m successful, it puts me amongst some of the best photographers around.

Following success in a previous assessment, I qualified as an  “Associate” with the SWPP some time ago, but it’s always been my intention to strive for the next level and so I’ve been working hard for this highly prestigious qualification for a long time. The governance is very demanding – so demanding that at this point I am still unable to share the details of my submission.

As I have already written in previous blogs and different posts, I believe it is absolutely essential for anyone engaging the services of a professional photographer to be able to be confident in their professional abilities and competence. The industry isn’t perhaps as well regulated as it might be, which is why I always encourage people to look for photographers who are members of reputable professional organisations such as the SWPP, Guild etc and then to ensure the photographer has been able to demonstrate their professional competence by means of formal assessment.

In my view, such assessment should require the photographer to evidence to industry professionals that their work has been consistently produced over time to the highest of standards, both in terms of creativity and technical competence.  In this way, the customer can have confidence in their chosen photographer

This is why I chose to be a member of the SWPP, why it was important to me to be sufficiently competent to pass my “Associateship” and it’s why I’ve personally stepped forward to attempt the Fellowship.

This is what the SWPP say about their Fellowship:


Our ultimate top accolade and is held by the top 1% of the memberships of most of the UK's representative bodies. These select few have achieved the highest professional standards in imaging, creativity, presentation and behaviour. As with the judging criteria for "Associateship", never bestowed lightly but only after constant submission of work to their mentors, rigorous examinations and many years in professional practice.” 


Have a look at their website:


To even get this far has taken more work, time, patience and effort than I could possibly describe here. It means constantly working to the very highest of standards and to everyone that has so kindly helped me get to this point, from the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough.


So, please spare a thought for me this week as I watch and wait nervously whilst my work is expertly judged by some of the professions best photographers.


Fingers crossed – and watch this space to see how I get on. 


Dave newton(non-registered)
You don't need luck, the quality of your photos will shine through!
Antony Holland(non-registered)
Good luck from Michelle and I, we will be thinking of you as you embark to reach your ultimate goal!
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