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Thought I would share this picture from my recent CPD continual professional development training session with Damian McGillicuddy.  It was a great fun shoot being able to style and creatively light this subject taken from the super hero rocket man film.  We had a great model to work with also, the fantastic Lillyvonpink.  A five light studio set up using a 2 in 1 ratio, a mixture of Elinchrom studio lights and speed lights were used together for this image. 

Once you have achieved a high-level qualification it's easy to set back and think you have made it, but I believe there are always new things you can learn, do better and progress forward with ideas and techniques which are the reasons and why I'm continuing to train hard to become the best photographer I can be.


Hope you enjoy this image.

Super HeroSuper HeroA studio portrait of a super hero, Fine art photographer and Portrait photographer/ Artist from Swindon.



Angela Adams(non-registered)
Absolutely fabulous. Lily looks great, I love the costume and the post-processing adds a filmic quality. Love it.
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